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Duplicate Finance
Your gateway to Synthetic Assets & DeFi

We are happy to announce that through the support of our growing community and partners, we have succesfully completed the seed round of fundraising with $250,000 raised from our close partners and advisors.

The team is humbled to have this level of interest in Duplicate at such an early stage and would like to thank every one of our investors for their support.

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One of the primary aims of DeFi is to create more equality and increase access to financial instruments for people worldwide, which is done with the help of blockchain technology.

The economic environment currently confines the wealth creation of global markets and major asset classes to a small range of influential, geographically restricted economic leaders. Financial tooling services and capital-efficient models are not easily accessible for the everyday user, and investing in anything from equities, commodities, or real estate can be quite hard. However, tokenization of assets on permissionless blockchain networks might be the solution that reduces entry barriers to…

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